Coyote Moon

Oh, great. Just fucking great.
Do you know how to tell time?

- Yes, sir.
- Then be here on time for once.

We been through this a dozen times,
and you're never fucking here.

Oh, shut up.
You're fading on me.
That's a good boy, Oki.
l could really use your help.

What do you say?
Man, you're a sick mother.
- Hey, what's the stink in here?
- SmelIs like death.

- Check your boots.
- lt ain't me.

- Smells like some damn manure in here.
- Maybe the outhouse fell over.

- Can l get you boys some coffee?
- Who you talking to?

- You, bitch.
- Better red than dead, asshole.

Fuck you! Your boss shorted us
15 gallons of ephedrine.

Why don't you boys
take your differences outside?

Well, you heard our town constable.
You gents best be moving along.

- Shut the fuck up!
- Shut the hell up, ass wipe!

- Get the fuck out of here.
- You want to fucking make me?

- No need to be rude.
- Get the fuck out of my way.

- Oh, shoot me.
- Get out of my way.

Say hey to your wife and my kids
for me.

Fuck you, fucker.
- What'll you have?
- Come on, Rhonda.

You know we like Dottie
to take our order.

Dottie the hottie. You got nice tits--
no offense--