Coyote Moon

Nothing's easy with an lndian.
They buzz me all the time.
There's an Air Force bombing range
right over those mountains.

Looks like F-15's today.
What are you gonna do
when you catch those three brothers?

- Get your gift back.
- You got me a gift and they took it?

They're gonna kill you.

And if the Hogans don't,
then the Heathens wilI.

They're in the dope business
with the Hogans.

Hey, what do you say we do
a little ''divide and conquer''?

Like we used to in the old days.
They're making life pretty miserable
for the good people around here.

Hear that coyote?
You and him are a lot alike.

Coyote's got courage, wisdom,
a sense of mischief.

And he's got a small dick,
just like you.

- I'm gonna take a piss.
- lt's windy up here.

This ain't windy.
lt's Oki.

He's glad you're feeIing better.
Good morning, Mr. Early.
Ah. Good morning, Rhonda.
What has got you up
at the crack of dawn?

Well, l had a dream last night.
Oh, a dream.
What was it about?

Well, I dreamed that l heard the sound
of the coyote...