Coyote Moon

Hear that coyote?
You and him are a lot alike.

Coyote's got courage, wisdom,
a sense of mischief.

And he's got a small dick,
just like you.

- I'm gonna take a piss.
- lt's windy up here.

This ain't windy.
lt's Oki.

He's glad you're feeIing better.
Good morning, Mr. Early.
Ah. Good morning, Rhonda.
What has got you up
at the crack of dawn?

Well, l had a dream last night.
Oh, a dream.
What was it about?

Well, I dreamed that l heard the sound
of the coyote...

and that today was going
to be a glorious day.

- Oh, a glorious day, huh?
- Very glorious.

Well, I would Iike to hear
more about that.

Why don't you come in
and help me make the coffee.

That would be my pIeasure, my dear.
My pleasure.

My lucky hat, Eddie.
Here. You might need this.
I've got a gun...
and I'm going to get it back.
Which way is town?
Take the game trail
down to the road...

then head west.
Highway Patrol comes through
about once a week.

See you around, lndian.
l'm gonna get your gift back, then...
l want your okay
to take a journey.

Yo! When you get to town,
head straight for the diner.