Coyote Moon

Some of Rhonda's apple pie
will put a smile on your face.

My heavens! What was that?
Nothing to worry about, ma'am.
Just the flyboys showing off.

- You folks just passing through?
- Yeah. We're looking for some UFOs.

We got lost the minute we turned
off the interstate.

- Lost, huh?
- Well, not exactly lost.

Oh, Clarence, you've always been lost.
You got a map to the interstate?
Don't need no map, lvy.
- Well, we're fresh out.
- Choke and die, you old farts!

- What was that?
- Let's go, lvy.

- What'd he say?
- I don't know, lvy.

- Come back and see us, hear?
- Oh, you bet ya.

- I'm gonna head to the Pearly Gates.
- All right. l'll meet you there.

See you in a few.
Check up on that .45.

You two jackasses
ain't sold that gun yet?

Does it look sold to you?
Man, that's pitiful.
Come on, give me the envelope.
l ain't got all fucking day.