Coyote Moon

- You folks just passing through?
- Yeah. We're looking for some UFOs.

We got lost the minute we turned
off the interstate.

- Lost, huh?
- Well, not exactly lost.

Oh, Clarence, you've always been lost.
You got a map to the interstate?
Don't need no map, lvy.
- Well, we're fresh out.
- Choke and die, you old farts!

- What was that?
- Let's go, lvy.

- What'd he say?
- I don't know, lvy.

- Come back and see us, hear?
- Oh, you bet ya.

- I'm gonna head to the Pearly Gates.
- All right. l'll meet you there.

See you in a few.
Check up on that .45.

You two jackasses
ain't sold that gun yet?

Does it look sold to you?
Man, that's pitiful.
Come on, give me the envelope.
l ain't got all fucking day.

You inbreds. You're real good
at running credit card scams...

and ripping off oId folks
looking for space ships.

That's reaI cute, but if my father
has to come down here...

you two lowlifes are gonna pee
your Iittle SWAT team pants.

Isn't that right?
Thought so.
Oh, my God.