Coyote Moon

You inbreds. You're real good
at running credit card scams...

and ripping off oId folks
looking for space ships.

That's reaI cute, but if my father
has to come down here...

you two lowlifes are gonna pee
your Iittle SWAT team pants.

Isn't that right?
Thought so.
Oh, my God.
Rhonda, you remember
about the time l told you...

when me and Vern saw that guy
getting all beat up by the Hogans?

That's him.
- Dottie, l talk to you for a minute?
- Not--

l thought I told you
to keep your mouth shut.

Keep your mouth shut!
Hey! lf you're looking for UFOs,
take a fucking hike.

That guy on the bike--
who is he?