Coyote Moon

Rhonda, you remember
about the time l told you...

when me and Vern saw that guy
getting all beat up by the Hogans?

That's him.
- Dottie, l talk to you for a minute?
- Not--

l thought I told you
to keep your mouth shut.

Keep your mouth shut!
Hey! lf you're looking for UFOs,
take a fucking hike.

That guy on the bike--
who is he?

Hey, scumbag, you want information,
dial 411.

Now get the fuck out.
That .45--
where did you get it?

From your grandma.
Oh, yeah, my grandma.
Yeah, she's-- she's dead.
l've been taking shit all day.
- That a gunshot, Pop?
- lt's probably Lester and Leon...

shooting ground squirrels
out in back.

There hasn't been any ground squirrels
around here since l was a baby.

I bet it's him.