Coyote Moon

Hey, scumbag, you want information,
dial 411.

Now get the fuck out.
That .45--
where did you get it?

From your grandma.
Oh, yeah, my grandma.
Yeah, she's-- she's dead.
l've been taking shit all day.
- That a gunshot, Pop?
- lt's probably Lester and Leon...

shooting ground squirrels
out in back.

There hasn't been any ground squirrels
around here since l was a baby.

I bet it's him.
Praise the Lord!
Praise His everlasting glory!
Save us, Jesus!
Save us--
Henry, what are you doing out there?

Not five minutes ago l saw a man
in a straw hat go into Eli's Emporium.

Then l just heard a gunshot.
- We'd better call the State Police.
- Why?

lt takes them an hour to get out here
even when they know where they're going.

What if the man in the straw hat
is a robber? A rapist?

What do we do if he comes in here?
We could rent him a room.
- Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
- Rent him a room?