Coyote Moon

Praise the Lord!
Praise His everlasting glory!
Save us, Jesus!
Save us--
Henry, what are you doing out there?

Not five minutes ago l saw a man
in a straw hat go into Eli's Emporium.

Then l just heard a gunshot.
- We'd better call the State Police.
- Why?

lt takes them an hour to get out here
even when they know where they're going.

What if the man in the straw hat
is a robber? A rapist?

What do we do if he comes in here?
We could rent him a room.
- Praise the Lord, praise the Lord
- Rent him a room?

If there's anybody
still alive out there...

l'd sure like you to get me out
of the stink back here.

Well, don't just stand there.
Get me out of here.

They keep the key
over the door jamb.

Well, that's better.
Now, let's get out of the stink.
My whole damn foot's asleep.
Follow me.
Where's the tank?
Bring my goddamn tank.