Coyote Moon

If there's anybody
still alive out there...

l'd sure like you to get me out
of the stink back here.

Well, don't just stand there.
Get me out of here.

They keep the key
over the door jamb.

Well, that's better.
Now, let's get out of the stink.
My whole damn foot's asleep.
Follow me.
Where's the tank?
Bring my goddamn tank.

Well, get it out here.
l ain't gonna live forever.

You do Lester like this?
And Leon too?
You done them both--
both at the same time?

- They left me no choice.
- Well, that sounds like them.

Leon looks kind of peaceful,
don't he?

- Yeah.
- You got a name?

- Eddie Lomax.
- Boys, meet Eddie Lomax.

- Eddie Lomax, meet the boys.
- Hi, boys.

Oh, that feels good.
My name's Eli Hamilton.
About two months ago,
when I took ilI...

Lester and Leon come down here
supposedly to help me run the store.