Coyote Moon

- You just missed Jessie.
- Dottie!

- You got business with the Hogans?
- They've got something of Johnny's...

- and l'm gonna get it back.
- Yeah, right.

Well, maybe I could help.
Eddie Lomax.
Rhonda Lomax--
Uh, Reynolds.

Rhonda Reynolds.
And my granddad, Billing Reynolds.

Oh. Sorry. Pie.
- Just call me Pop.
- Hi, Pop.

Excuse me. l don't mean to be intrusive,
but l'm curious.

Did my Bertie send you?
Bertie did send you, didn't she?
She said she was going to get me
a good job...

because l'm such a wonderful handyman.
A handyman?
- l can use a handyman.
- Well, then, l'm your handyman.

Oh, no. No.
lt's on the house.

- You're very kind.
- My pleasure.

- Let's go, handyman.
- Right-o.

See? l told you, Rhonda. lt's gonna be
a gIorious day today. Glorious.

HoId on there.
Hold on.

Gotta fix that door.
Hold on there.
My name is Jubal. Jubal Early.

- Hi, Jubal. Good to meet you.
- Thank you. And you are?