Coyote Moon

A handyman?
- l can use a handyman.
- Well, then, l'm your handyman.

Oh, no. No.
lt's on the house.

- You're very kind.
- My pleasure.

- Let's go, handyman.
- Right-o.

See? l told you, Rhonda. lt's gonna be
a gIorious day today. Glorious.

HoId on there.
Hold on.

Gotta fix that door.
Hold on there.
My name is Jubal. Jubal Early.

- Hi, Jubal. Good to meet you.
- Thank you. And you are?

- Eddie Lomax.
- Eddie Lomax. l like that.

Nice to meet you, Eddie.
This your first time though here?

- Yes. First time.
- l hope you have a great stay.

What do we have here?
And Lester?
Did you kill them?

Not my business, not my business.
As far as l'm concerned,
l won't miss them one iota.

Had a beautiful dog once.
They shot him dead, and never said
one word about it. Not one word.

- Always wanted to do that.
- Oh, you're back Eddie. Good.

Hi, Jubal.
l see you've met Eddie Lomax.

Yes, l have.
So, Eli, how are you?
l've not seen you in quite a spell.

- Quite a spell.
- Yeah, well, l've been tied up.

So, Mr. Lomax, what is the job?