Coyote Moon

What are you gonna do now?
Take a shower.
Good idea.
Bungalow five.
Made up fresh this morning.

Thank you both.
Young man? Have you been saved?
l'm afraid l'm a bad boy, ma'am.
But it's never too late.
l hope you're right.
Oh, ma'am.
- l Iove your hair.
- Why, thank you.

- Henry, l don't think he's a rapist.
- How would you know?

Night-night, fellas.
Hey, what do you say
we do a little ''divide and conquer''...

like in the old days?
- Good evening, Eddie.
- Evening, Eddie.

Good evening, boys.
You sure smell a lot better.
Thank you, Eli.
Tell me. The Heathens--
where do they hang out?

You got a plan, huh?
Not that you need to tell me what it is.