Coyote Moon

Night-night, fellas.
Hey, what do you say
we do a little ''divide and conquer''...

like in the old days?
- Good evening, Eddie.
- Evening, Eddie.

Good evening, boys.
You sure smell a lot better.
Thank you, Eli.
Tell me. The Heathens--
where do they hang out?

You got a plan, huh?
Not that you need to tell me what it is.

There's a roadhouse about 15 miIes
down the highway--

the Bomb Bay Cafe.
Run by a talI, dark fella
by the name of Singh.

But fair warning.
lt can get pretty rough in there.

Yeah, it can get very rough
in there, Eddie.

But that doesn't worry you,
does it?

You'lI need some wheels.
Take that Dodge pickup there.

Here. Help yourself.
Thank you.
You know, l bet he gets
Iots of pussy.

Yeah. l bet.
No! No, no, no, no!
No more dancing.
l don't want to dance anymore.