Coyote Moon

Wait. Eddie, where are you going?
l'm gonna go check on my bike.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Where is he going?
For a bike ride.
Where does he get the energy?
Sweet dreams.
You're up early, Eddie.
- Sorry l woke you.
- Aw, forget it.

At my age
you don't sleep much anyway.

- Do you mind?
- Help yourseIf.

Okay. Oh, listen.
Send Jubal to the Bomb Bay Cafe.
He'll know what to do--
cIean-up job.

And l've got two girls
in my bungalow.

Put them on the bus to Cleveland.
Two girls. Yeah, sure.
l can take care of both of them.
How many of them Heathens
did you get down at the Bomb Bay?

- Just three.
- Not bad. Not bad.

And are you going after the Hogans?
Why the fuck didn't you kill him?

- He was outgunned and outnumbered!
- Fuck you, Ives. You weren't there.

Who the fuck you talking to, fool?
l'll screw this up your ass and splatter
your brains all over the desert.