Coyote Moon

You're up early, Eddie.
- Sorry l woke you.
- Aw, forget it.

At my age
you don't sleep much anyway.

- Do you mind?
- Help yourseIf.

Okay. Oh, listen.
Send Jubal to the Bomb Bay Cafe.
He'll know what to do--
cIean-up job.

And l've got two girls
in my bungalow.

Put them on the bus to Cleveland.
Two girls. Yeah, sure.
l can take care of both of them.
How many of them Heathens
did you get down at the Bomb Bay?

- Just three.
- Not bad. Not bad.

And are you going after the Hogans?
Why the fuck didn't you kill him?

- He was outgunned and outnumbered!
- Fuck you, Ives. You weren't there.

Who the fuck you talking to, fool?
l'll screw this up your ass and splatter
your brains all over the desert.

- Do you understand?
- Back the fuck off.

lf you had any balls,
you'd take him yourself.

You keep talking like that, lrma...
you're gonna look funny
sucking my dick with no teeth.

We've tried to live in peace
with the Hogans.

Ramsey's broken the truce...
by hiring this gunman.
- So let's blow up his lab.
- We ain't gonna blow up his lab...

'cause we're gonna need it,
brothers and sisters.

We're gonna need it...
'cause we're gonna take over
his entire operation.

Cut off the head of the snake...
the body dies.
Let's kill Ramsey.
What do you say? Come on!

Hold it!
Ramsey's not even in town.
- How do you know that?
- 'Cause l know my enemies.

First Thursday every month,
the fat pig goes up to Vegas...

with his bastard sons.
He sees his stockbroker...
then over to his hooker
to get his knob waxed.