Double Jeopardy

I'm sorry.
Are you... lost?

No. Actually, I'm found.
I just had an hour with Jerome.

Oh. Jerome.
I've heard that he is marvelous.

He's fabulous. I haven't felt
this good since my husband died.

So, I've got something for tonight,
but I think I need Armani.

Yes. Very good, Mrs...
Kritch. Suite 1420.
Of course.
I'll be charging it
to my room.

Hmm. Now, Mrs. Kritch...
I would say that you
are a size... four?

- A two.
- Of course.

There's a guy waiting for you.
Did you catch that thing?
What did you use for bait?
I caught that
big bucket-mouth son of a bitch...

off an old rebel lure
my daddy left me.

'Course there's buzz bombs,
poppers, jigs...

all kinds of things work
back in these waters.

I'm Jim Mangold.
Travis Lehman, Washington
Department of Corrections.

What can I do for you?
- Who's this?
- That's somebody I'm looking for.

- Pretty girl.
- Oh, yeah.

She's very pretty,
for a convicted murderer.

She jumped parole on me.
Mr. Lehman, I'd love
to be able to help you, sir.

No, I don't want you guys to go
to any trouble. I can handle matters.

I just came down
as a professional courtesy...