Dudley Do-Right

No, you don't.
Whoever opens that box is gonna die.

- How do you know that?
- l was listening to the story.

So l ain't gonna open it.
But you must, Desmond.
That box holds a beautiful princess
who was put under a spell...

by a wicked witch, remember?
- Well, listen.
- Little did Desmond know...

that the wily Phox
was an accomplished ventriloquist.

Oh, help! Help me, Desmond!
There is somebody in there!
Hey, how does she know my name?
Why, she's been secretly
in love with you for years.

Oh, joy bells!
Hang on, honey!

Lover pumpkin is here!
Sainted Aunt Hannah!
Look at that!

Gold! Jewelry!
Queen Victoria's spittoon!

l'm rich! Rich!
l don't see a princess, Mr. Phox.
Of course not, you stupid lox.
lt was a joke. Get it?
Ha, ha, ha, ha.

You go get yourself a big crocus sack
and we'll divide all the treasure.

Half and half, even steven, 80-20.
All right--
but l'd rather have a princess.

No sooner had Desmond gone then the wily
Phox pulled out a sack of his own...

and began filling it
with the priceless treasure.

Desmond wandered through the lavender
glen looking for a crocus sack.

There he chanced upon
a beautiful milkmaid.

Hi there, missy.
You wouldn't happen to have
an old crocus sack would you?

Why, l'm wearing one.
l just need it
to put my priceless treasure into.

Priceless treasure!
Just a minute, honey!
- Here you are.
- Thanks a bunch.

Wait for me, lover pumpkin!
The smarmy Phox had filled his sack
when he noticed one small coin...

left in the chest.
An lndian-head penny!
Of course the greedy Phox
had to have it.

Are you kiddin'? They bring
three pazoozas on the open market.