Dudley Do-Right

have made the initial discovery.
You're famous.
You will be on network television.

Network television?
No way!
Now stand up,
hold the pan out and smile.

Can l-- Can l borrow your comb?
Shut up and grin.
- Welcome to our show. Have a seat.
- Hi. How are you?

They're calling this the biggest
gold strike in history.

Certainly it's the biggest gold find
of the century.

And the man who made it all possible
is here for an exclusive interview.

Mr. Kim J. Darling.
Welcome, Kim.

- What's happening, Regis?
- l'll tell you what's happening.

You're what's happening.
Headlines all over the world.

How's it feel to have made the biggest
gold find in a century?

Well, l-- l feel lightheaded,
Kathie Lee.

Your story certainly has taken
the whole world by storm.

But Reg, the sad part is--
at least for Kim--

is that he found all this gold...
- on land he doesn't own.
- l did?

But the owner is staking no claim.
He says whoever finds the gold
gets to keep it.

And that's why the big gold rush
is on for northern Canada.

Stay tuned. Bette Midler is next.
- No!
- Yeah.

Meanwhile, on the US-Canadian border...
all is tranquil, as usual.
You want some of me?
You want some of Dwayne Cuffman?
Come on!
Hey, stop-- What--
l must see your passports!