Eyes Wide Shut

Well, she was. . . .
She was shooting up
and she had a bad reaction.

What did she take?
A speedball or a snowball
or whatever the hell they call it.

lt's heroin and coke.
Heroin and coke?
Anything else?
We had a couple of drinks,
some champagne. That was it.

How long has she been like this?
Maybe five minutes, six minutes,
something like that.

What's her name?
Can you hear me, Mandy?
Can you hear me?
Move your head if you can hear me.

Move your head if you can
hear me, Mandy. There you go.

You can hear me.
Can you open your eyes for me?
Mandy, can you do that?

Let me see you open your eyes.
There you go, come on.

Come on, look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me, Mandy.
l love Victor's art collection,
don't you?

lt's wonderful.
Have you ever seen
his sculpture gallery?

l haven't.
He has a wonderful collection
of Renaissance bronzes.

Do you like the period?
l do.