Fortress 2

Then let's talk to them.
I gotta stay undercover.
If they figure out who I am...
they'll kill me.
Then I'll do it.
Your chess stinks.
You have a skill.
I might as well just shuttle...
my pieces off the board.
That's an unusual choice ofwords.
A metaphor, perhaps.
Words, they seem meaningless.
But can we escape...
their consequences?
That's it.
We're on playback.
Now we can talk.

You were right.
Their shuttle arrives tomorrow.

Man. So what's their plan?
If they had a plan,
they wouldn't need us.

- So what's our part?
- I told them we knew how to bypass ZED.

- Did it occur toyou that we don't?
- Yes, but we've got 24 hours.

All we need are the codes
to Teller's office...

and ZED's security casing.
Ain't that a bitch? Man, give me back
my rag! What's wrong with you?

- Leave him alone, Marcus.
- Leave him alone, my ass.

He's a damn klepto.
Look at this shit!

Oh, oh, oh! Fuck!
What the f--

- Where did you get this?
- I found it.

- What is it?
- An implant. Our ticket home.