Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

You have come here too.
l heard you laughing.
This is a home, not a park
that you just stroll through.

Grandma, l'm Sameer, l've come
from ltaly. How do you do?

Sameer - a cold gust of wind.
He is a hailstorm. He'll
infect us all with running noses.

You have no manners. Bathing
in the open, entering girls' room.

lf you want to live here
you must follow our rules.

Why are you so angry

My name is Nandini
You took my room, now you're
enticing me with your sweet talk.

Tomorrow you will become
my father's favorite.

Have you come to learn music
or mischief?

You call yourself a singer,
but you look like a rogue.

He has made a mess of my room.
So disorganized.

Oh God! When will he go back?
What are you doing in my room?
This is my room you idiot.
Now this is my room and l
can walk naked like this.

l've come to pick up my diary.
You put on your clothes.

Oh diary. Get lost in desert
so you never reach my room...

Don't read my diary, stop now.