I Kina spiser de hunde

-Have you done anything like this before?
-Harald has. We work as chefs.

Sometimes I consider calling
the union.

-You aren't going to shoot someone?
-Who knows?

Vuk, it's a volvo,
made of reinforced steel.

-There is an airbag. We will secure you safely.
-I won't do it.

-Are you ready?
-Vuk doesn't want to...

-Listen now. It's a Volvo.
-You can't even be in this country.

-I won't do it.
-What is happening?

-Vuk doesn't think the car is good enough.
-It's a Volvo.

-He crashed a car once before.
-Yes, at the city hall square.

I won't do it.
-I won't do it.

-What is he saying?
-He won't do it.

Listen up now. Either you drive the car,
or you will be guarding goats. Ok?

Strap him in real good,
so we can get on our way.

Buckle up.
-It's a bit hard to get it in to reverse.
-Do you want me to try?

Let me do it.