I Kina spiser de hunde

His mother can't be to happy with
his arms either?

He says you made him.
Made Vuk?
-Vuk only does what he wants to.
-Let me know the next time he "wants" to do something.

-Do I look like a socialworker?
-Harald, next time he goes-

-watch him. As long as you're his boss he is your responsibility.
Remember that.
Aren't you going home to watch a video or something?
See you, Harald.
Vuk is rich. Arvid is going to find a way
to get Franz out of jail.

Martin and Peter is helping,
but it's not that easy.

We're getting police uniforms and then we enter
saying he is being transferred.

-It won't hold.
-How is it supposed to be done?

-I don't know. I'm a chef.
-I think people get themselves out.

-I need 25 banana splits.
-Will you get the prawns from the fridge?

-I can do that.

-Did you get the bananas?