Idle Hands

Sorry about that thing
with the shovel.

-You're dead.
-Easy, tiger.

Undead, actually.
You said you were unconscious.
You lied.

You killed me, all right?
Try and keep this thing in perspective.

l was bitter about the
getting-killed-by-my-best-friend thing.

But l got over it.
So why you here?
We need a place to kick it.
Don't be selfish.
No one else's parents are dead.

No, not why are you '' here'' here.
l mean...

...are you flesh-eating zombies
back from hell to exact revenge?

ls that it?
Why would we go to hell?
We're not bad.
lt's not like we're good,
but at least we don't kill people!

l didn't kill anybody on purpose.
Yeah, well, we weren't in hell.
There was this bright light
at the end of a long tunnel.

There were all these chicks' voices.
And that music.

Kind of uncool music, like Enya.
And these chicks were saying...
...'' Come to us.
Come towards the light.''

So what happened?
We figured, fuck it.
l mean, it was really far.
l've got to ask.
What's with the hand?

lt doesn't obey me at all.
The only thing l can come up with is,
it's possessed.

Do you guys know anything
about Satan or evil or...?

But we know somebody who does.