Idle Hands

Randy broke it down for me.
'' ldle hands are the devil's playpen.''
So l'm thinking...

...keep my hands occupied, right?
Man, that saying's not literal.
lt's more like...
:47:13 know....
This is the noise complaint.
Ain't this the Tobias residence?
Holy shit! lt's Anton.
He's the killer!

-l better call for backup.
-Are you crazy?

And let the feds get the credit?
lf we collar him, we'll be heroes.

We can't go in without a warrant.
Piss on the Bill of Rights!
We got just cause.

Yeah, freeze!
...what do l do?
l think you--
l was gonna say to do
what they tell you...

...but now l changed my mind.
You should just kill them.
-They're alive!
-They are not!

You shot one in the head!
They're morgue-meat.

Look, guys. l don't want
to kill anybody else.

You don't want to go to jail, though.
Jail. That's it!
They'll throw me in a rubber room.
l can't hurt anybody else.

Cuff me!
Okay. Just...
...drop the knitting needles.
That's not a good idea.
Why don't you just cuff me?

Drop the needles
and put your hands on your head!

l can't!
Put down the needles
and come quietly.

-Cuff me!
-Put the needles down now!

-Cuff me!
-Put them down!