Idle Hands

...what do l do?
l think you--
l was gonna say to do
what they tell you...

...but now l changed my mind.
You should just kill them.
-They're alive!
-They are not!

You shot one in the head!
They're morgue-meat.

Look, guys. l don't want
to kill anybody else.

You don't want to go to jail, though.
Jail. That's it!
They'll throw me in a rubber room.
l can't hurt anybody else.

Cuff me!
Okay. Just...
...drop the knitting needles.
That's not a good idea.
Why don't you just cuff me?

Drop the needles
and put your hands on your head!

l can't!
Put down the needles
and come quietly.

-Cuff me!
-Put the needles down now!

-Cuff me!
-Put them down!

-Put them down!
-Cuff me!

Go, go, Buffalo!
l didn't do it. lt was my hand.
lt's like, the knitting
didn't help at all.

l told you that saying
was more, like, metaphorical.

l can't keep doing this!
l'm losing my mind.