In Dreams

(Chuckles ) In your sleep.
How long have they been here?
They just got here.
This is Dr Silverman.
The psychiatrist.

Can you stop the dreams?
Well, we can start
by talking about them.

Has he killed another child?
You're here to get well,
not drive yourself crazy.

How many has he killed, Paul?.
- How many?
- There's a girl missing upstate...

but they're not sure
it's the same guy.

It is, and it's the same place.
- Someone was singing.
- You were singing.

No. Someone was singing through me.
That doesn't make sense.

Tell me about your dreams, Claire.
One's a little boy
in a drowning room, and uh...

And some of the others
are in this big room.

It's like a...orchard.
It's filled with apples.
I know there'll be more.
Could you leave us
together for a while?

- Will you make them go away?
- I'd like to try.

Mr Cooper, how is your marriage?
My marriage? It's fine.
I mean, as well as can be expected.
But you've asked to take her home.
Yes. She's my wife.
I'd like to care for her at home.

I want to know
that your home environment is stable.

It is. Our marriage is fine.
In that case, I agree.
Home might be the best place for her.

I'd like to be the judge of that.
We've got to realise that she's in
a state of suspended bereavement.

She's never had a chance to mourn.
(Paul) Mary's come for the week.
Yeah. Mary.
The housekeeper?
Your past life, Claire.