In Dreams

Could you leave us
together for a while?

- Will you make them go away?
- I'd like to try.

Mr Cooper, how is your marriage?
My marriage? It's fine.
I mean, as well as can be expected.
But you've asked to take her home.
Yes. She's my wife.
I'd like to care for her at home.

I want to know
that your home environment is stable.

It is. Our marriage is fine.
In that case, I agree.
Home might be the best place for her.

I'd like to be the judge of that.
We've got to realise that she's in
a state of suspended bereavement.

She's never had a chance to mourn.
(Paul) Mary's come for the week.
Yeah. Mary.
The housekeeper?
Your past life, Claire.
How are we gonna deal with it, Paul?.
Well, just day by day.
I feel like it all happened
to someone else.

I wish to God it had.
Like I'm some ghost,
looking down on myself.

What about her room?
I haven't been in there.
I'm gonna get the bags.