Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

# "The Boss" #
by James Brown

# Paid the cost to be the boss
# Paid the cost to be the boss
# I paid the cost
to be the boss ##

- How long's he been in there?
- About...20 minutes.

- Is he on his own?
- Yeah, carrying a bag.

Let's pay him a visit,
shall we?

'Big Chris settles debts
for Harry.

'The only thing he cares
more about than unsettled debts

'is his son and heir,
Little Chris.'

# Look at me
# Know what you see
# See a bad mother ##
This is one of them...
high-powered jobs, innit?

I've got some bad news
for you, John.

What the fuck!
Mind your language
in front of the boy.

Jesus Christ!
That includes blasphemy.
Now tell me, John,

how can you concentrate
on improving this tan -

and it is a lovely tan -
when you've got more pressing
priorities at hand?

Tell Harry...l mean Mr Harry,
I've been busy,
I'm nearly there.

Check his locker, son.
I don't suppose there's a chance
of you lifting this up, Chris?

He's not poor! He's got
over a monkey in his wallet!

Fuckin' hell, John, you go round
with that in your pocket?

Use language like that again,
you'll wish you hadn't!