Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski

He hated everybody...
...was impulsive, unpredictable,
half-mad. He was not quite normal.

A diabolical character.

He always went around armed.
One day you threatened
him with death.

You couldn't take it any longer...
...when he wanted to walk out
before the end of shooting.

A lot of scenes were still missing.
And how many sacrifices
had we made?

A few days journey from Machu
Picchu, down the Urubamba river.

Here, at the rapids of the Pongo,
we shot parts of "Fitzcarraldo".

During the dry season, with
the water at its lowest level...

...this is quite harmless.
Kinski was a peculiar mixture of
physical cowardice and courage.

A wasp nearby could cause him
to scream for his mosquito net...

...and for a doctor with a syringe.
I shall never forget one moment,
that was right here in the Pongo.

We had managed to drag our
huge ship up to here, inch by inch...

...against the current. The water
rises 30 feet higher here...

...and then all hell breaks loose.