Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

available to the states...
utilizing electrocution...
at a price far lower than
they would have to deal with...

if they hired
an engineering firm
to redesign a specific item.

The equipment
is all standardized,

it all meets the current
electrical requirements
for electrocution...

and the pricing is such...
that it's similar
to what you'd pay for
an off-the-shelf item,

even though it's made up.
They essentially pay
for the parts, the labor
and the installation,

and a 20-percent markup,
which is more than fair.

We are testing
the electrocution system...

here at
the Tennessee State Prison.

This is connected to
the execution system...

in place of
the electric chair,

and the system thinks
that this is a human body.

It consists of a series
of heavy-duty resistors...

cooled by four fans.
I will now switch on
the fans...

[ Click, Fans Humming ]
and begin
the cooling process.

We then proceed
to the power supply.

We turn on
the main circuit breaker.

You can see the voltage has
increased to 2,640 volts.

We begin the test
at the control console...

for the electric chair.
We turn the fail-safe system on
to operation.

Power up.
Computer on.

And then I push the button
for operation.