Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

cooled by four fans.
I will now switch on
the fans...

[ Click, Fans Humming ]
and begin
the cooling process.

We then proceed
to the power supply.

We turn on
the main circuit breaker.

You can see the voltage has
increased to 2,640 volts.

We begin the test
at the control console...

for the electric chair.
We turn the fail-safe system on
to operation.

Power up.
Computer on.

And then I push the button
for operation.

The human body
is not easy to destroy.

It's not easy to take a life
humanely and painlessly,

without doing
a great deal of damage
to the individual's body.

Excess current
cooks the tissue.

There have been occasions...
where a great amount
of current has been applied...

and the meat will come off
the executee's body like meat
coming off a cooked chicken.

The execution
must be conducted
in two jolts.

In 1/240th part of a second...
the first jolt disrupts
or destroys the individual's
central nervous system.

Current is then applied...
for a time
approaching one minute.

The adrenaline
is being driven out
into the bloodstream.