Open Your Eyes

It does mean that you have a lot of courage.
-Only right now.

Until my girlfriend Nuria gives up.
This is my home. If you laugh
I'll kick you out.

Why would I laugh?
-It's not much but it's cheap.

Do you like clowns?
-They're mime players.

I've got a cat.
-I hate cats.

They're just as vile as actresses.
-Says the bartender.

What do you do to pay for all this?
Do your parents help you? Do you have a job?
He sure is nosy isn't he?
I'm a gun salesman.
-I've always wondered how they'd live.

Well now you know.
How can I explain this?
You never understand.
I don't even understand it myself.

She's just making coffee
and I'm just looking around.

And I got that funny feeling
I get from time to time.

I think it's nice.
-What did you feel?

That I loved her.
God, this is embarrassing.

Sorry, I couldn't hear you.
-I said I like your house.

Yours is nice too.
Want to swap?

Tomorrow it won't be that good anymore.
Anyway I mean your decoration.

Your house is...much more personal.
-And warmer too.

Warmer? Did you think my house was cold?
-A little.