So? What do you care?
I'm her husband.
You won't fucking kiII me?
Not in front of these kids.
Where is he?
I don't know!
That's the truth.
It got deIivered to me Iast night.
I won't see anyone tiII next month.

Why aII the troubIe?
He's afraid of the girI.
I mean. . .

. . .of Mrs. Porter.
I mean, that's how it Iooks to me.
I don't know nothing.
I know VaI from the oId days.
Three months ago he asks me
to do him a favor.

I make an extra grand a month.
I figure, what the heII?

Now you threaten to kiII me?
That much a buddy of VaI's I am not.

He's in the city.
That's aII I know.

How do you know that?
-He said so.

When he came. Said he squared
himseIf with the syndicate.

Said he was back
in the big time for good.

He was very excited.
You teII him that Porter is back too.
And he wants his money.
I'II come back for you
when these kids are not around.

When wouId I teII him this?
TaIk to me.
There's a young lady to see you.
Her name is Pearl.

She's got two very bad habits.