He's in the city.
That's aII I know.

How do you know that?
-He said so.

When he came. Said he squared
himseIf with the syndicate.

Said he was back
in the big time for good.

He was very excited.
You teII him that Porter is back too.
And he wants his money.
I'II come back for you
when these kids are not around.

When wouId I teII him this?
TaIk to me.
There's a young lady to see you.
Her name is Pearl.

She's got two very bad habits.
Right now I'm onIy interested
in one of them.

Send her up.
Apartment 71 8, ma'am.
Go right on up.

Send her up.
lt's Haskell.
Sorry to call you at home--

Don't be sorry.
Just don't caII.

l got a call from a cab guy
on the south end.

-What is it?
-lt's this guy, Stegman.

Shit. HoId on a second.
On your knees, bitch.
I want satisfaction.

I'm on the phone, PearI.