Right now I'm onIy interested
in one of them.

Send her up.
Apartment 71 8, ma'am.
Go right on up.

Send her up.
lt's Haskell.
Sorry to call you at home--

Don't be sorry.
Just don't caII.

l got a call from a cab guy
on the south end.

-What is it?
-lt's this guy, Stegman.

Shit. HoId on a second.
On your knees, bitch.
I want satisfaction.

I'm on the phone, PearI.
It's ''Mistress PearI. ''
I'm on the fucking phone!
Make it quick.
This guy Stegman calls.
He sounded all nervous,
like something scared him.

He had to talk to you.
l said l'd see what l could do.

-What was it about?
-He said to tell you Lynn was dead.

He said some guy wanted you.
That's all he said.

l thought you ought to know.
You did right.
I want to taIk to him.

Who, Stegman?
No, President Nixon.
Of course, Stegman!

TeII him Varrick's, by the bridge.
Make it. . . .
Make it 20 minutes.
I'm working here!