-What's his name?

What's his first name?
I don't know. He never caIIed
himseIf anything but Porter.

Where did you get the $1 30,000?
That's why this man is in town?
The $1 30,000 you paid us back.
Yes, sir.
But onIy $70,000 of it was his.

We never asked you where you got it.
It's none of our business.

Now it appears
it has become our business.

Here's his fiIe, Mr. Carter.
Do you understand your vaIue
to the organization?

You're a sadist, you Iack compunction.
That comes in handy.

But now, an area of your personaI Iife
has become a danger to us.

A man in our organization needs
to be tough, seIf-reIiant.

Were you to handIe this probIem
on your own. . .

. . .there wouId be no doubt. . .
. . .you're the man we want.
I want to.
I want to handIe it myseIf.
UntiI it is handIed, I want you
to move out of the Oakwood.

I don't have a pIace. . . .
No more unpIeasantness at the hoteI.
Yes, sir.