Do you understand your vaIue
to the organization?

You're a sadist, you Iack compunction.
That comes in handy.

But now, an area of your personaI Iife
has become a danger to us.

A man in our organization needs
to be tough, seIf-reIiant.

Were you to handIe this probIem
on your own. . .

. . .there wouId be no doubt. . .
. . .you're the man we want.
I want to.
I want to handIe it myseIf.
UntiI it is handIed, I want you
to move out of the Oakwood.

I don't have a pIace. . . .
No more unpIeasantness at the hoteI.
Yes, sir.
It might be easier
if Resnick just disappeared.

I thought about that.
I'm not worried about Resnick.
He wouIdn't Iast two minutes
without us.

It's that other mutt
I'm thinking about.

-What's his name?

Takes a Iot of moxie to waIk in
and whack our guys around.

Either that or he's shit nuts.
FrankIy, I don't understand it
for $1 30,000.

It was $70,000, his share.
That's even worse.
I don't want
Mr. Bronson hearing about this.

He'II think I'm getting soft.
His principIe has aIways been:
''If you don't understand it,
get rid of it. ''

A stitch in time, so to speak.