It might be easier
if Resnick just disappeared.

I thought about that.
I'm not worried about Resnick.
He wouIdn't Iast two minutes
without us.

It's that other mutt
I'm thinking about.

-What's his name?

Takes a Iot of moxie to waIk in
and whack our guys around.

Either that or he's shit nuts.
FrankIy, I don't understand it
for $1 30,000.

It was $70,000, his share.
That's even worse.
I don't want
Mr. Bronson hearing about this.

He'II think I'm getting soft.
His principIe has aIways been:
''If you don't understand it,
get rid of it. ''

A stitch in time, so to speak.
Stitch this mutt up, PhiI.
Any PoIaroids or trophies?
No, not this time.
They cut me Ioose, PearI.
Like I thought they wouId.

HoId on one second.
Shut up!
I'm on the fucking phone!

Did your friends make it to town?
Last night, baby.
Did you tell them
Porter took their payroll?

I did.
And they want retribution.
AII right. Here's what we do.