- Will you give me the ring?
- No.

But you promised... It's been
years since we took it.

I did! You'll get it when
you grow up and it fits.

It fits now. Give it
to me and you'll see.

No it doesn't.
You'll only lose it.

- Let's try.
- Didn't you try last summer?

- I've grown a lot since then.
- But you're still skinny.

That's right, Michalis...
the aunt's loaded.

- Really? She has that much?
- She sure does.

You know
the pension she gets?

And what does she do with it?

She must have stashed away
God knows how much...

Plus she freeloads off me.
Doesn't give me a penny.

- What does she do with it?
- So how big a pension?

A pilot's widow...
we're talking big money.

That room upstairs she's got
locked all the time...

that's where the secret's

that's where she keeps it all,
tied up in rolls.

And you know at whose expense?
Yours and mine.

Right! Like you've ever
paid tax es!

God bless us civil servants!
I may not pay tax es but I have
to keep the IRS boys happy!

When was the pilot
killed anyway?

His plane crashed in '26.
They got married...
A few days later he left on
a reconnaissance flight and...

They found him but...