You're too young to remember.
What hunger!

And what a lovely shirt
Stefanos is wearing.

What are those things
on it?

This is a Dakota... a
Spitfire and a Leica.

You'll see the Russians will
get to the moon first!

Imagine the Americans going
and finding them there!

It's a present from Aunt
Ellen in America...

She sent me a lovely dress...
You should see the fabric.
It never wrinkles! Nylon!

It'll all be nylon from now
on... even the food we eat!

Even my wife's wig
is made of nylon!

Cheers everyone and may we
never have another occupation!

Christ is risen!
Amen! And with
a little more brain...

- Stefanos has plenty of brains.
- You're telling me!

And a husband for Nikoletta.
This year!

It will happen!
She's still young.

Of course she is.
Nikoletta, you must be the
same age as Sophia...

Sophia who?
The princess of course.
That woman doesn't have a
brain in her head!

Don't pay any attention.
You know women...

She has to keep talking
about the king.

I agree with you there!
I can't stand them.

That's more like it!
Cheers and may the king die!
Heaven forbid!
What happened to that judge
you were dating?

Ancient history. He must be a
Super Court Justice by now.

- Supreme Court Justice.
- So what did I say?

You said Super Court Justice...
when you should have said
Supreme Court Justice.

Well anyway, that's
what I meant.

Nikoletta's got a new
boyfriend and she's in love!

Tell us all about him!
Tell us!
What line of work is he in?