Here's to us!
Here's to us!
Here's to us!
Why did you stop?
I'll go get some fruit.
I'll go get some fruit.
I'll go get some fruit.
Where d'you think
you're going?

You mean we can't sing?
Don't we have democracy here!

Democracy? Go sing in Russia
and see where they'd send you!

Every village in the USSR is
full of people's choirs.

Sure and in the Siberian
labor camps they sing!

You're a reactionary
right-winger and I'm leaving!

Go ahead!
Think you can come here and
sell us your commie bullshit!

What's gotten into you two!
We were having
such a nice time!

A nice time?
The people are starving!

Don't talk to me about
the people.

Even during the occupation
you never went hungry!

Think I don't know
what you did?

You weren't even in the army!
I fought! I was wounded!
See! Where were you?
In the mountains with
the people's army!

Really? When? For how long?
Did you go to pick oregano?

Enough's enough. Come on,
Ariadne! Let's go!

- Stop it!
- Go ahead!

Coming here and raising a
clenched fist in my house!

You're lying! I raised
a clenched fist?