Rogue Trader

Never know your luck, though. Eh, mate?
- Think l'll give her the treatment!
- No, Steve, no. Don't do that.

- No, you're all right.
- Don't do that. Steve. Steve!

Hello, love.
l've got something to show ya.

Are you out of your mind or what?
You fuckin' little prick!

And l mean little!
Don't judge a book
by its cover, sweetheart.

- You're out of your league, arsehole.
- Calm down.

Fuck off or you're dead!
- l want you out of here, now.
- He's really sorry.

He's pissed. He meant no disrespect.
That's the last thing on anybody's mind.

Tell him if he doesn't
put that thing away,...

..l'll rip it off and shove it
down his fuckin' throat!

Do your flies up, you fuckin' animal.
You almost gave me a heart attack.

- (cackles)
- Just leave it. lt's not worth it!

He's done it again. l had to pull him off!
Fuckin' right laugh!
Aagghh! Aagghh!
Nick! Nick!
You all right? Nick!
lt was thanks to Maggie Thatcher
opening up the City of London...

..that yours truly from Watford came to be
working for a posh outfit like Barings.

That was me lying on the floor,
if you hadn't guessed. Nick Leeson.

You've probably heard about me.
Barings was the oldest
private bank in the world.

They financed the Louisiana Purchase
back in eighteen hundred and something.

They even had the Queen as a customer!
l was just a humble clerk.