Rogue Trader

Nick! Nick!
You all right? Nick!
lt was thanks to Maggie Thatcher
opening up the City of London...

..that yours truly from Watford came to be
working for a posh outfit like Barings.

That was me lying on the floor,
if you hadn't guessed. Nick Leeson.

You've probably heard about me.
Barings was the oldest
private bank in the world.

They financed the Louisiana Purchase
back in eighteen hundred and something.

They even had the Queen as a customer!
l was just a humble clerk.
But not for long, l hoped.
Car crash.
l hit my head on the back
of the seat and broke my nose.

Everybody else was all right cos they
were wearing their, um... seat belts.

Poor chap!
Nick, l know you're keen to get out of the
back office and onto the trading floor,...

..but in the meantime
something else has come up.

We've got problems in our Jakarta office.
We need someone to go out there
and sort things out.

l thought that someone might be...
..Nick Leeson?
lndonesia was one of
the new ''tiger economies''...

..everyone was getting so excited about.
''Emerging markets''
they were calling them,...

..and Barings was one of the first
to see their potential.

The rewards were high.
But so were the risks.

One hundred million pounds...
:03:55 bearer bonds.
As good as cash.
We could pick 'em up, walk out,...