Rogue Trader

..come to some arrangement
with laughing boy...

Customers refuse to pay for them.
They say what's on them
doesn't match the original deal.

The real reason: the market goes down,
they don't want any more.

lt's a mess.
You're absolutely 100 per cent right,
Susi. lt's one hell of a fuckin' mess.

lt was my job to sort out
the certificates...

:04:27 customers wouldn't have
any more excuses not to pay.

Until then, Barings had this bloody
great hole in their balance sheet.

lt was boring work,
but l knew if l made a success of it...

..then l could write my own ticket.
All the certificates
are in the right denomination.

l've sorted out all the documentation.
That's all in order now, so...

..all l need from you...
:04:47 a cheque!
Hello. l'm Lisa.
l'm, um... Nick Leeson. Can l help you?
Barings sent me
to help with the settlements.

Didn't they tell you?
Oh, of course! l've been on at them for so
long l never thought they'd get round to it.

What do we do with that lot?
Build a bonfire?

l'd never even heard of Barings
before l started working for 'em.

lt's not like there's a Barings in Watford.
You're a hero in London. They think
the sun shines out of your arse.

Really? l was beginning to feel like
one of those Japanese soldiers.

Still stuck out in the jungle
20 years after the war!

What's it like here?
They tell me it's not safe at night.

Bollocks. The locals are great.
And it's not full of pompous ex-colonials
thinking they were born to rule the world.

That's what l love about Asia.
Anyone can make it.
Doesn't matter which school you went to.