Rogue Trader

lf l can buy the cappuccino at,
say, 43 cents, l make a profit.

lf the price goes the other way
l have to pay more, and l lose.

lt's timing - buying and selling
at the right moment.

Sometimes espresso might be
the best deal, or salt, or pepper.

So, we're running a supermarket?
We're not buying and selling
anything real.

lt's just numbers - contracts
based on the value of the Nikkei,...

..the Tokyo stock market.
- Er, we do this for the bank?
- No, no, for the customers.

We are not allowed to trade
on behalf of the bank.

Be sure you remember that, all right?
Other dealers wear red jackets. All same.
Red is lucky Chinese colour.

Well, we want to stand out. We're a
new operation. We need to be noticed.

May be bad luck. Different colour.
Bollocks. We make our own luck.
Nick's right.
We're cool dudes, man. Whoo!

(Nick chuckles)
# Barrett Strong:
''Money (That's What l Want)''

(roar of voices)
Fernando. Anything happening in Tokyo?
Nothin'. How's SlMEX?
Same here. No one's playin'.
590, and trading small.
600, and thin too.
580 here. There's a seller who wants
to trade in size. Shall l low-tick him?

Yeah. Flush him out.
- Squeeze the sucker.
- How many?

Buy them... now.
- Buy 'em!
- Filled!

We paid 580 for 200.
Way to go, Nick! l sold at 590.
Fuck a duck! Just made 2,000 quid.