Rogue Trader

Fernando. Anything happening in Tokyo?
Nothin'. How's SlMEX?
Same here. No one's playin'.
590, and trading small.
600, and thin too.
580 here. There's a seller who wants
to trade in size. Shall l low-tick him?

Yeah. Flush him out.
- Squeeze the sucker.
- How many?

Buy them... now.
- Buy 'em!
- Filled!

We paid 580 for 200.
Way to go, Nick! l sold at 590.
Fuck a duck! Just made 2,000 quid.
# ''Money'' continues
They were a good bunch
and they were keen to learn.

lt looked like a madhouse with
all the traders waving and shouting,...

..but it all made sense
once you got the hang of it.

There were hiccups,
but that's normal in any operation,...

..especially a new one like ours.
The important thing was
we were picking up the business...

..and the future looked rosy.
Nick, what's the difference between
initial margin and variation margin?

lnitial margin's a down payment
on each futures contract that we trade.

We don't pay in full
until a contract matures.

But in the meantime the value of
each contract may go up or down.

So SlMEX calculate our positions
on a daily basis.