Rogue Trader

We may be the oldest
merchant bank in the world,...

..but that's no excuse for
not keeping up with the times.

When l became chairman,...
..l realised we couldn't go on running
Barings like a gentlemen's club.

We had to look beyond
our traditional recruiting grounds,...

..the old school tie,...
:14:25 seek out a new and hungrier breed.
We're beginning to see the fruits
of those efforts, and l have to say,...

..the recovery in profitability, since
the reorganisation, has been... amazing.

To be frank, l've discovered
it's not actually terribly difficult...

:14:44 make money
in the securities business!

Yeah, you paid 50 for 20.
- (knock on door)
- Come in.

Simon, er... l've got a slight problem.
One of the girls sold 20 contracts
for Fuji Bank instead of buying.

l can't do anything about it till Monday.
What's the damage?
20,000 at the close.
Sack the cow.
She'll never work on SlMEX again.

That's a bit hard, isn't it?
Look, you handle it.
Have a word with London,
but make sure you make that client good.

All right.
Hey! Have a beer, shithead!
Hi, darling.
Anyone seen Kim?
She was here a minute ago.