Rogue Trader

Yeah, you paid 50 for 20.
- (knock on door)
- Come in.

Simon, er... l've got a slight problem.
One of the girls sold 20 contracts
for Fuji Bank instead of buying.

l can't do anything about it till Monday.
What's the damage?
20,000 at the close.
Sack the cow.
She'll never work on SlMEX again.

That's a bit hard, isn't it?
Look, you handle it.
Have a word with London,
but make sure you make that client good.

All right.
Hey! Have a beer, shithead!
Hi, darling.
Anyone seen Kim?
She was here a minute ago.
Nick, Nick...
l'm really sorry. l got so confused.
- Everybody was shouting all at once.
- That's the job.

That's what it's all about,
keeping a cool head.

l'm so sorry! l'll pay you back the money.
Sure, Kim. Four years' salary? And if
the market moves it could be even worse.

Come on, come on.
Come on, everyone makes mistakes.
Look, with a bit of luck l can
trade out of it on Monday, all right?

Nick, l've been waiting for you while
everyone else is having a good time.

- l'm going home now.
- Kim!

- Everything all right?
- Never better.

Why don't you let me come in and help?
l can't sit around all day doing nothing.

lt's not a problem, Lisa.